Update your AT&T Long Distance service....

To update your billing information and prevent interruption in your service just follow these simple steps:

1. Tell us where you are moving from

2. Tell us where you are moving

3. Tell us your effective move date

Or you can call our Customer Care Center at 1-888-795-2717 and speak with an AT&T Representative.

Here are a few helpful hints movers should consider in regards to telecommunications service:

AT&T reminds you to reinstate your long distance calling plan if you're moving. Your new local telephone company will ask you to choose a long distance carrier, but cannot transfer your long distance calling plan.

You must notify AT&T to reinstate your optional calling plan. For instance, if you were on the AT&T One Rate® 7˘ plan in your old home, you'll want to reinstate it in your new home where your long distance and local toll calling may be more frequent as you stay in touch with old friends.

**Our research indicates that 90 percent of consumers fail to call their chosen long distance providers to re-enroll in calling plans. These consumers may be losing out on significant savings during those initial months after a move, particularly if they are calling more frequently to stay in touch with friends or to attend to details related to their moves.**

Take your old telephone directory with you. It will help you to contact former doctors or business contacts. Don't forget that AT&T Info™ can also prove useful in finding a business in your new home, even when you don't have a name.